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CODEL is an industrial engineering and electronics production company established in 1991. Our main solutions are Trace and Track and Quality Assurance informatics systems, as well as Automatic Identification, Product Marking, Warehouse Management and Quality Control integrated into our AIDA Manufacturing Execution system. We offer professional services and have a experience in scoping and executing technical solutions that utilize the newest technologies, all to the highest customer satisfaction. We construct systems using modern informatics, communications and automation technologies.


Codel launched a number of new applications utilizing IoT and fully integrated it with Codel’s AIDA infrastructure. These tools were also made available as separate products too.


Codel exhibited at FachPack 2018 in Nuremberg and Gitex Future Stars in Dubai. Potential clients and partners found from over 30 countries stimulated expansion planning for key markets.


Codel, in cooperation with the academic community, began research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and new models of production process monitoring and management.


Codel purchased a business facility to allow the company to expand to 25 employees, including a hardware zone production.
A syndicate of partner companies was contracted to provide complementary products.


Codel opened an office in the Križevci business centre.


Codel launched the development of Codel’s industrial printer applicator.


Codel designed and manufactured a range of unique solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, in the areas of production management, labeling, identification and product tracking throughout their lifecycle. Also, Codel implemented a fully integrated, automated sophisticated production and distribution traceability (Track & Trace) solution, combined with material management and warehousing management.

Codel has been involved with marking and identification systems since 2000, managing all the markings and identification at the factory or production line.

In addition to the programme design and identification suite, Codel has developed an EDI middleware (AIDA) layer for data exchange with the SAP business system.

All of this is only possible with machine (SCADA) level connectivity. Codel’s suite integrated production lines and other electronic equipment into its unique system.

By using this technology and knowledge base, production processes, quality management, traceability of production and distribution become components of many customer’s business systems.


Codel changed direction and business model, beginning to adopt new technologies related to computer systems and software development.
The idea behind Codel’s computer engineering was to build networks based on modern information communication solutions and to develop specific programmes for managing peripheral electronic circuits and devices (industrial equipment, scales, handheld computers …), thus making them integral parts of computer systems.

Apart from subcontracting projects, Codel also started its own R&D activities activities compiling a large base of code and intellectual property.

  • Certified electronic scales for industrial applications, (see-> Croatian
  • CTI devices for accessing databases and converting data into speech
    (Telephones with access control)
  • Development of applications for designing software solutions in the field of computer and
    communication technology integration
  • GPX – a mobile meter reading system for utility companies with a communication module
    based on server systems
  • Process communication computer MPA401 with associated peripheral modules
  • SIAN – Labeling system with bar code labels and automatic labeling on packing, and
    connection with packing lines.
  • Asynchronous server multichannel management of industrial machine systems
    with data collection across different parts of the system,
    simultaneously on a multiple channels.

Codel developed its own software solutions and devices such as complex identification systems based on RFID technologies and optical recognition technologies, automated labeling systems, measurement systems, distributed software and electronic systems, real-time server management and visualization systems, quality control systems and monitoring in industry.


Based on the experience of maintaining specialty railway equipment and systems, we started cooperation with relevant electronic equipment manufacturers (Končar Institute, Končar generators, RIZ TU, RIZ transmitters, Digitron, Ercisson Nikola Tesla, various partners), we took over the construction of certain elements , with an emphasis on CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing).


Codel d.o.o. was founded.

Codel d.o.o.


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