Digital transformation is happening right before our eyes. It is gaining momentum and it is transforming all industries in the ways we couldn’t even imagine. The best thing is that this is only the beginning. Right now we are moving to Industry 4.0 - but what is next? We had an amazing chance to attend the April Science and Manufacturing Event at The Heath… and we are more than happy with what we learned. Interesting guests and ideas that spark pure innovation. We discussed all the benefits of digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and future of 5g networks with some of the leading names in the UK industry. Innovative leaders offered us amazing insights into their work - we had a chance to discuss with Colin Maher from Telefonica, Russel McGrath from Jumpstart, Amy Edwards from Manchester Growth Company, and our very own Marijan Sever, Codel Solutions CEO. All the participants are thrilled that they had a chance to share their knowledge, insights and to exchange their own experiences.

About process automation - presentation by Marijan Sever

Marijan Sever gave an excellent presentation on process automation and Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a "smart factory". It is the concept of creating a unique business ecosystem where cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time. This unique chain can transform all processes but some of the main targets include:

Eliminate waste - the main goal is to be more green. Waste management is one of the bigger issues we encounter today so producing less waste is one of our primary goals.

Reduce manpower and human effort.

Reduce costs - saving money is always an important aspect of every business.

Streamline processes.

Improve lead times.

Increase product quality - that is something we all strive for. Improved quality of product and service leads to better customer satisfaction.

Increase speed of production - smoother workflow and increased speed of production, better efficiency.


Increase productivity (& efficiency) - improved efficiency mean working smarter, not harder.

Improve decision making - you will predict the outcomes more precisely and your reaction to the market changes will be faster. It is important not to lose stable pacing.

Seek tighter integrations

The importance lies in understanding the concept of Industry 4.0 in the first place as Sever stated. The important goal where all begin is to inform, get people to know this innovation better and prepare them for Industry 4.0. Of course, there are certain challenges on the way, both technical and social and it is perfectly normal. Every transition no matter how important is always hard when it comes to acceptance from all included sides. For example, you will probably face reluctance to changes, you will face certain technical difficulties such as processes connectivity. That is why the accent is always on better communication of your ideas and on detailed preparation.

Accepting the new technologies such as blockchain can also bring new changes to the table - this means more transparent processes, exchanging data in the supply chain, smart contract increased security and more.

When we are setting the foundations for the future of manufacturing it is important to remember not to lose your pace - it will need to remain constant in innovation, to educate and inform employees and prepare a detailed action plan. Our team would love to share more information about this - feel free to ask us every question you have on your mind.

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